We believe that brand is culture and culture is brand

Organisation’s promise connecting with your people and your clients where your employees are engaged in the vision and clearly know how they contribute to it. Read more

We deliver a sustainable transformation that leaves legacy

We work with you to co-create a brand platform for your organisation to stand firmly on and we help you go through a sustainable culture change so that you and your people live the brand you are communicating. Read more

Satisfied clients

Lillian Elise Esborg Bergane
Norwegian Nurse Association 

Lillian Elise Esborg Bergane | Norwegian Nurse Association

"Tonje Elisabeth's keynote was very relevant for the audience and she helped people look at change differently and appreciate it more"

Bernhard Olsen
CEO Pearl

Bernhard Olsen | CEO Pearl

"When we did a reorganization and introduced team leads across Pearl Group, we used Growthitude. They were able to work across different nationalities and experience levels to find common guidelines that all could agree upon. They used their expertise to challenge us in a good way and find our version of best practice"

Bernt Nordby Skøien
CEO Clemens Eiendom

Bernt Nordby Skøien | CEO Clemens Eiendom

"Tonje was at huge help developing Clemens Eiendom’s new project, Smarte Nabolag, which was successfully launched and implemented. Highly recommended!"