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Digital Era

My work
My work is devoted to enabling engaging conversations, ignite new thinking and ideas, creating a foundation for thriving people and organisations

It Starts With You

As a business owner and leader in your company, you are your teams last frontier. You are the one that takes the hit when the storm comes and you are the one that needs to make sure you’re on track towards your vision and the goals. It can be lonely and tough and your state, strategy and decision making will directly impact how well your business is doing



Unlocking Potential

We help CEO’s and Business Owners gain insight in how they successfully can navigate through change by engaging their people to grow the business. I strive to provide my clients with outstanding consultancy that will help you transform your business.

Every CEO and Business Owner can benefit from teaming up with the best in the field of work culture and employee engagement and who is willing to go the extra mile to help them and their business reach important milestones and goals.



Achieving Sustainable Change

I deliver Leading Digital Culture keynotes, executive coaching and 6 month A Fresh Start Culture Change programs through our company Change Corp all dependent on your needs, making sure the change you want sticks.




My vision is to help 1 million people live life to the fullest through

Igniting health

Igniting happiness

And co-creating thriving work cultures


Delivery was outstanding!
" There was great involvement from audience during the lecture and we
only received positive feedback it being inspirational and educational in an
active and innovative way!

There was very few who left the lecture and that in itself is a great sign
that the audience were happy with the lecture.
Thank you! Thank you for your inspiring keynote yesterday,
and for the materials you sent us afterwards. You gave us a "wake up call" and a
lot of motivation to prepare us for the future, both regarding leading
change and seeing new opportunities.

The quiz is in our agenda, now we are ready to roll up our sleeves
so we can get the most out of 2019.
Thanks for a great keynote with lots of inspiration,
aha experiences in the activities, great content and ideas
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