In the daily conversations with leaders in private and public sector, the discussion always comes back to people

  • How we as leaders can enable innovation and co-creation
  • How we as leaders can remove roadblocks and “the glass on the dancefloor”
  • How we as leaders can actively engage and inspire to improve productivity

I will answer the first question in this blog and the next two in the following blogs coming later this week.

How can you as a leader enable innovation and co-creation.

First, what is the process of innovation? Constant and never ending improvement or thinking how we can do something radically different? Or a little bit of both? The definition of innovation can be said to be the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.

  1. As a leader, you have to lead yourself first, also when it comes to being innovative. Let’s look at your daily rituals. Do you feed your mind with new thoughts and ideas at least 30 minutes every day? And are you also getting this food for thought from people who are not in your inner circles of trust? How are you working on getting to know your blind spots? Do you have team members who tell you what you cannot see that is right in front of you or do you have a mentor or coach? Like the best athletes have coaches that let’s them know how to improve their swing (Tiger Woods) or improve their skiing (Hermann Maier), you as a top leader need to have a coach or a team member that can let you know what you don’t see.
  1. In Google one of the 8 guidelines are to think 10x. If you’re going to do anything, help a client improve their business or develop a software for end users, at Google they challenge themselves with thinking how can I 10x the current situation? How can we 10x this product or service?
  1. Also what we have found that leading and innovative companies do well is to share all information internally and co-create across departments, eliminating silos and enabling engagement between teams and it’s members. The company who has commercialized the process of design-thinking, IDEO is a good example here.

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