Are you a solopreneur or run a company with less than 20 people?

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A recent global survey of CIO’s show that 41% of companies have a digital strategy.

We know that in 20 years close to 50% of all jobs will be replaced or gone, we know that 40% of all companies that are now on the S&P index are estimated to be gone in 2025.

That is the numbers for the companies that do well. How about the us others, we who are not on the S&P index and small companies with less than 10 employees?

I have 3 advices for you that you may want to consider. Not because I am saying so, but because the big guys, who plays in the big league is saying so.

Be flexible, start today and get help

They spoke about flexibility at World Economic Forum in Davos and how companies that will thrive, not only survive, are the ones that stay flexible, learn from their mistakes and that co-create with other companies. Mention, how can you co-create or get B2B opportunities  if you’re not digitized

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks about speed and how vital it is for your company’s survival. And if you cannot get up to speed, someone else will surpass you, fast. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a company in your industry, it can be from a totally different industry. Airbnb and the hotel industry, Facebook and the publishing industry and Uber and the taxi industry are examples of this.

It may be daunting to not know what to do in regards of both creating your digital strategy and in regards of implementing it.

So, if you don’t know where to start, get trained on how to do it first, then outsource it to someone who knows, either in your country or abroad. There are so many networks now, like UpWork and Fiverr, where you can get qualified help, however finding the right person there is not easy, I have tried and failed several times. It can fast become costly to use those kind of services if you don’t know what to look for.  

Therefore I recommend that you join me when we kick off in a couple of weeks with


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