5 Things To Think Of Before You Start Working As A Subcontractor

Delivering Value to Someone Else’s Clients

1. What you don’t know will impact your performance and the result you are able to create for them. Therefore make sure, BEFORE you deliver any work, to know the goals of all parties, why they are doing this project, what benefits, pain and gains they are looking to avoid and gain. Get to understand important milestones and deadlines in the project. If you don’t know these details, you will come short when you deliver because you won’t be able to deliver on what they want and need.


2. Make sure to know the difference in what they WANT and what they NEED and be aware that the company you are delivering on behalf of, may have another set of goals in addition to the client’s goals. Also know that there is a difference between how an employee thinks and behave and how an entrepreneur think and behave, so make sure to deliver on both, as their needs and wishes and goals are equally important for the success of your delivery.


3. Build rapport with EVERYONE. Both in the client company and in the contractor’s company. There may be a different person calling the shots than who you would logically think is making the decisions and you need time to get the nuances of the people and the work processes.


4. Lead them and perform 110% at ALL times, you are constantly in a test zone and you need to keep your energy levels high, so cut the crap food and drinks, make sure to hydrate and take a breather in fresh air if possible every now and then to recharge.


5. When you FAIL, and you will, it’s human – make sure to address it to your contractor and the clients before everyone else does. Make sure to list what you have learned and what you will do differently next time. This will show that you are on top of things, have self-awareness, are humble and adaptable as well as a performer.


Best of luck to you, go deliver massive value to both your contractor and their clients and you will create your legacy.


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