There are currently six global megatrends fundamentally changing the relationships between businesses, their customers and employees.

These are:

Globalisation 2.0

Economic power is shifting from West to East, giving rise to a new global middle class

Environmental crisis

The environment is becoming more and more important to people, as climate change gathers pace and natural resources grow scarce

Demographic change

Aging populations are reshaping the global workforce and exacerbating the war for talent


Growing freedom of choice is eroding loyalty and transforming workplace motivation


Work and the workplace are going remote, and the boundaries between professional and personal life are blurring, as people are increasingly operating online

Technological convergence

Powerful shifts in technology are transforming everyday life and creating new product markets

What engagement needs to look like in a world shaped by the megatrends


Rather than tying their people up in pages of rules and regulations, it simply sets out how they should think and act


It gives employees the responsibility for their own behavior when it comes to spending the company’s money


It tells employees that the company knows they’ll do the right thing – helping to build a climate of mutual trust and respect


Acting in the organization’s best interest gives people scope to do what’s expected according to local customs and practices


It’s built into everyday business operations – like engagement, it’s not just a one-off exercise