Employee engagement strategy if you want to build a company for the long term.

  1. Decide (on your goal). You have to give up short term profits for the benefit of the brand long term
  2. Figure out the values and culture (use proper time, might be a year, on the values) Start from day 1, it makes life so much easier for everyone
  3. Commit to transparency
    1. Zappos has a newsletter that is called “Ask anything” and it’s actually that, employees can ask anything.
    2. Daily sales reports to all employees and also vendors
  4. Vision – people sense the engagement when people are into your vision. Chase the vision, not the money. What would you be passionate about for 10 years even if you didn’t make a dime on it?
  5. Build relationships
    1. Rather than try to network, try to meet people and try to get to know them as a person without any expectations. 2 or 3 years down the line, something happens that you couldn’t possibly anticipate happens that makes your effort worthwhile. It will seem like random luck.
  6. Build your team, slowly and invest in the training of your people
  7. Think long-term. Focus on customer service and VP customers