What if you could build an income stream that didn’t go away, even if you did?

I had a great conversation with a previous vice president and CFO of one of the “BIG 4” global consultancies this week. We discussed this topic and how great the opportunity is to do that within the company, we both now work with… Ever wonder; is this IT? Is this [...]

5 Things To Think Of Before You Start Working As A Subcontractor

5 Things To Think Of Before You Start Working As A Subcontractor Delivering Value to Someone Else's Clients 1. What you don’t know will impact your performance and the result you are able to create for them. Therefore make sure, BEFORE you deliver any work, to know the goals of [...]

Digitization, transformation and company culture – awaiting the tsunami

  There is no longer a need to create 5 year corporate plans, when whole industries are disrupted and changed within 12 months. There are numerous examples of this, Uber disrupting the taxi industry, Airbnb disrupting the hotel industry, Facebook disrupting the publishing industry. All 3 are great examples of [...]

What does your people say about your strategy?

Are you new in your leader role? Or are you unsure about what your people think about you, the company vision and how the company is doing? Then measuring employee engagement is a great way to take the temperature of the company, know where you stand and to get tangible [...]

Improve retention rates and productivity with up to 50%

The philosopher Theodore Zeldin has given the world a challenge: "When will we make the same breakthroughs in the way we relate to each other as we have made in technology”If you were fortunate enough, earlier this year you might have attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. There, [...]

Are you new in your role as CEO?

Or are you unsure about what your people think about you, the vision and the future of the company? Then measuring employee engagement is a great way to know where you stand and what is going on.  We recently helped a new CEO measure how engaged his people were when he had [...]

Is your Chief Of Staff / Employee Experience Officer more important than your CFO?

Last Thursday night before we had dinner with a group of CEO’s and entrepreneurs, I got the chance to ask Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, a $200 M media company several questions. One of them was how to make company culture interesting to CEO’s and C-Suite in general. The benefits [...]

3 Tips For Digital Business Growth

Are you a solopreneur or run a company with less than 20 people? Are you aware you “should” deliver your products and services online but don’t know how?- GOOD Would you like to grow your business digitally? Are you ready to get your business out of the “Stone Age” and [...]


On Monday the 28th if August I was in awe sitting outside this house. Do you recognize it? I had attended an investment seminar all weekend. A dear friend I traveled with had recommended that we visited the national historic site and childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. It [...]

Virtual Workshop  

We are measuring company culture and employee engagement for SMB companies globally and what we have seen is the importance of everyone stepping up taking responsibility for the work culture.On Thursday we are going to be sharing what we have found when measuring engagement and how you can improve your [...]


  Yesterday was an epic day with 5 meetings that all were amazing, 2 planned and 3 that were Created in the moment, with people connecting with me Conversations with clients and partners, people that are great to work and speak with And where I truly am grateful for having [...]

Why You Should Not Dismiss Cold Calling

We are just out of a meeting with what I would call the ideal client.And it all started with a cold call.What is the ideal client? A leader who is humble, emotional intelligent and who is honest on What works and what doesn’t in their company and who takes full [...]