Do you really know or are your decisions based on a hunch?

There's a lot of talk about big data and there are a lot of buzz words that makes a lot of noise. So let's cut through it; what all the buzz and fuss is as you know about how to make more intelligent decisions in your business, based on data that can bring [...]

Speed is vital for long lasting success

Yesterday I had a meeting with a leader in HR Norway where we spoke about the changes that are coming for all of us. You may like it or not, automation and digitalisation is here to stay. And like the person said in our podcast, that I will be sharing [...]

How to build a company where the best ideas win

Radical transparency in the workplace, are you up for it?Ray Dalio's Ted Talk (you may find it here) "How to build a company where the best ideas win" reveals how you can use algorithms in decision making in your company, to radically improve your decision making. Using algorithms will eliminate [...]

The most important factor for any business to grow, is the leader

The decisions you, as a leader make, based on how you see the world and how the values and rules you have, will either limit or grow your business. As an leader you have to have the following qualities - Thick skin and tenacity (the quality of or of being [...]

Life as a consultant

I honor you as a consultant.Consultancy life certainly is not a game for the faint heartedIt is a gladiator sportWhere every day is used in the battle fieldWith the chance of eating dirt at any moment One of my mentors Gary VaynerchukSaid that entrepreneurship isn’t CoachellaAnd that his job was [...]

Measuring if people thrive in real time

We are excited and proud to be collaborating and helping top notch consultants and partners globally with measuring people engagement in real time.Employee engagement has been taking off like a tidal wave these past 2 years and it is on every CEO's agenda. However there are not so many speaking about how [...]

5 steps to innovate any business

What can you do to innovate your business?Get new voices in your company (ps you don’t need to hire them)Ask new questions and get in new conversationsGet new perspectives Get new passions that will naturally give you juice to innovateDo new small experiments in the business, you don’t need to [...]

The 9 questions to constantly ask yourself as a leader to stay ahead of the game

What should you as a leader ask yourself frequently (read every week) to make sure you are ahead? What business are we really in? Why are we really successful? Who is our customer really? What does our customer really need? If we would start our business today, what would we [...]

5 insights you should know about company transformation

5 insights you should know before you consult on company transformationAre you looking for ways to give your clients the edge?Are you aiming to create raving client fans?Are you an expert in your field standing before major changes in your industry and not sure how to successfully navigate the organisation [...]

Ford’s Turnaround

When Alan Mulally joined Ford from his previous position in Boeing in 2006 the car manufacturer company was in bad shape and was estimated to lose 17 billion USD just that year. At that time Ford was a house of brands and there was no scale or co-operation between the [...]


    Tonje Aarøe hadde innlegg i et av våre nettverksmøter. Hun ga et utrolig godt og enkelt forståelig innlegg med masse praktiske tips for håndtering av Facebook, Instagram og andre digitale plattformer. Samt mye annet til forenkling av digitalisering. Meget informativt og  til å ta med hjem og ta [...]

How much do you want it?

When I started out as an entrepreneur knowing nothing about entrepreneurship 12 months ago, I thought that if I hadn’t “made it” within 12 months that it wouldn’t happen, ever. Later, I have realised that you will succeed if you don’t give up and that you need to have patience. [...]