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The 9 questions to constantly ask yourself as a leader to stay ahead of the game

What should you as a leader ask yourself frequently (read every week) to make sure you are ahead? What business are we really in? Why are […]


  Tonje has immense business experiences that she generously gives away by sharing her valuable insight with you. She has inside knowledge of what is required […]

How much do you want it?

When I started out as an entrepreneur knowing nothing about entrepreneurship 12 months ago, I thought that if I hadn’t “made it” within 12 months that […]

Emotional intelligence is the most important trade

We shared what Gary Vaynerchuk says about company culture at the Rise Conference in Hong Kong and what he says is backed up by science globally […]

Starbucks’ Turnaround

“The equity of the brand is defined by the quality of the coffee, but most importantly, the relationship that the barista has with the customer, and […]

You only live once, start where you are, it’s never too late

I’m honored that you stopped to read this, I know you have a busy life. Last summer, a little over 12 months ago, we had just […]

Give value to gain trust and be able to influence

Every day I get messages from people that are automated and where they want me to go to their website or sign up for some program. […]

7 Steps to an outstanding employee engagement strategy

Employee engagement strategy if you want to build a company for the long term. Decide (on your goal). You have to give up short term profits […]

There is no secret strategy to success

Have you ever failed? I have, many times. The first time I applied for a job at Google, I didn’t get it. The second time, years […]

Live the life you dream of

Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure of being immersed in a conversation with my clients while sipping to a nice cup of tea by the […]

What you need to know about digitisation and automatisation of work processes in your company

I had a great discussion with a leading company within their industry about digitisation this week. They said there were so many of their clients who […]

The science of happiness

What if you would know how to be and stay happy every day? And what if you could apply this to your company and the people […]

7 steps to building a company and brand for the long term, by the Fortune 500 retailer, Zappos.

Employee engagement strategy if you want to build a company for the long term. Decide (on your goal). You have to give up short term profits […]

Employee engagement ideas from a Fortune 500 retailer  — delivering happiness to employees

Fortune has ranked the retailer Zappos, owned by Amazon as one of the best companies to work for and Zappos has been on the Fortune 500 […]

We fight inch by inch, that is how winning is done

If you’re a leader You know that every day is death ground 94% of all companies die before their 10th birthday You are a gladiator You […]

What if you could attract and acquire clients while you are off doing what you love?

Having worked at Microsoft and Google I thought that I knew most of what is to know about digital strategies and how to become a successful […]

When is NOW a good time to invest in yourself and your future?

You are not who you were 12 months ago, 3 years ago or 5 years ago, so stop limiting yourself and your results by defining yourself by […]

Learning companies

65% of the jobs Generation Z will perform, do not even exist yet. The number says something about the opportunities, the learning’s, the changes and the massive […]

Stop limiting your own results

Would you like to know how to attract and acquire your ideal clients digitally? Being a former Google and Microsoft employee, I initially thought I knew […]

I can help you attract and acquire your ideal clients digitally

This week I presented my journey of “How to attract and convert the ideal clients online” with fellow consultants at and got great feedback. Can […]

The standards of the past are not going to be sufficient in the future

We all acknowledge the harsh economic realities we’ve seen and the stress we experience. What is changing is our expectations for how effective we need to […]

People join companies and leave managers

Did you know that there’s one thing you could do as a leader that would cut retention in half and improve productivity with 50%? With the […]

The link between Millennials, social media and your company’s reputation & profits

Thanks to social media, ex-employees and employees now have louder voices than ever, and an audience that wants to listen. “When workers and customers can instantly […]

Why your company may fail to embrace change

One of the most common reasons why your company may fail to embrace changes is also the most perplexing: if you are a successful company and you […]

Rethink the workplace

During the press conference to announce NOKIA being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we […]

6 current megatrends that will fundamentally change your business

There are currently six global megatrends fundamentally changing the relationships between businesses, their customers and employees. These are: Globalisation 2.0 Economic power is shifting from West […]

Did you know as a leader there’s 1 thing you can do every day to cut retention in half?

Since people are at the core of a company’s culture it is a paradox that employee engagement and culture issues exploded onto the scene in 2015, […]

3 Steps to increased innovation in your company

In the daily conversations with leaders in private and public sector, the discussion always comes back to people How we as leaders can enable innovation and […]

Concerns raised in Davos

The disruptive effect of digital transformation on the global economy and labour markets has been a hot topic at the two most recent Davos World Economic […]

Calling in all you Game Changers who are making a difference

Yet you get caught up in the busyness of others and all the to do’s of your day You know you are here to make an […]

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Is your work meaningful? Are you a part of a bigger cause And do you feel that you’re able to contribute With all that you have […]

Do you as a leader know the effect change has on your people and on the bottom line?

Change processes create fear, uncertainty and stress. Stress in the form of possible job cuts, lack of communication in the process of change, and uncertainty for […]

Enthusiasm + Engagement = Profits

When a global company goes through a reorganization to cut costs and become more efficient, often the process is not conducted in a way that gives […]

“How will digitization affect our company and is automatisation and disruption something I should worry about now?”

What is happening in regards of technological development and digitisation, how does it affect our company and is automatisation and disruption something I should worry about […]

Disruptive technologies with age-old ambitions

As new as many of the disruptive technologies are, they still centre on the same age-old company ambitions: reduce product-to-market times; increase productivity; improve marketing tactics […]

Energypod with Dawn Bates

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dawn Bates and I am so excited to be sharing parts of my conversation with her! Dawn is a serial […]

Digital Strategy; It’s about company culture

The Importance of Digitization There is no longer a need to create 5 or 10-year corporate plans, when whole industries are disrupted and changed within 12 […]

My conversation with Regan Hillyer

I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Regan Anne Hillyer today and I am so excited to be sharing parts of my conversation with […]

Our podcast with Lindsey Agness

Our guest in this podcast is someone who is an amazing mentor. I met her when I was still in Google and needed tools that could […]

Our podcast with Julie Hodges

Our guest this week is someone I had the great pleasure of working with this autumn at Durham University, in UK. Durham University is ranked as […]

Get our latest White paper

? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER   The Whitepaper is about what any company, regardless its size, can do to create a thriving engaging work […]

Our podcast with Paul Matthews

It was a great pleasure to speak with Paul Matthews this week and catch up with him after our initial meeting in Oslo recently. Paul is […]

Our podcast with Dina Gowar

I’m so excited to share this weeks podcast with you! I had the pleasure of catching up with Dina Gowar, a fantastic leader and role model […]

The quiet revolution

The quiet revolution We’ve all become jaded by the Sheer amount of transformation “Disrupt or be disrupted” We’ve all heard that about a million times What […]

Our podcast with Jannik Krohn Falck at Great Place to Work®

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jannik Krohn Falck today about trust based leadership, what creates a great work culture and about his passion […]

Ignite Your Inner Game Changer

Calling in all you Game Changers who want to make a difference in your company Yet you’re too busy with all the to do’s of the […]

Millennials – what do they want?

I asked two of our outstanding team members who are both Millennials what they expect from an employer and what they look for in a job. […]

Our podcast with Alice Breeden at Google

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Alice Breeden this week about co-creation, transparency and the link between high performance and a positive engaging company […]

Today we launch a 5 day Engaged Leader feedback

To be the outstanding & emotively engaging world-class leader you know you are, you need to know what is preventing you from showing up as the […]

Proudly presenting our very first podcast

Unedited, raw and with great insights from Alexander Haneng, COO of Geta. Alexander is a Leader, Digital Strategy and E-Commerce Expert and Public Speaker. He is […]