The 9 questions to constantly ask yourself as a leader to stay ahead of the game

What should you as a leader ask yourself frequently (read every week) to make sure you are ahead? What business are we really in? Why are we really successful? Who is our customer really? What does our customer really need? If we would start our business today, what would we do? What technology are we [...]

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  Tonje has immense business experiences that she generously gives away by sharing her valuable insight with you. She has inside knowledge of what is required in the workforce as a leader in the digital era we live in. I find it extremely beneficial to discuss career related challenges with Tonje. Everything she produces is [...]

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How much do you want it?

When I started out as an entrepreneur knowing nothing about entrepreneurship 12 months ago, I thought that if I hadn’t “made it” within 12 months that it wouldn’t happen, ever. Later, I have realised that you will succeed if you don’t give up and that you need to have patience. This is about legacy and [...]

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Emotional intelligence is the most important trade

We shared what Gary Vaynerchuk says about company culture at the Rise Conference in Hong Kong and what he says is backed up by science globally in our HeartsInGrowth blog. To quote Gary; “It has never, and I mean ever been more important – for you to care about the internal feelings and your company [...]

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Starbucks’ Turnaround

“The equity of the brand is defined by the quality of the coffee, but most importantly, the relationship that the barista has with the customer, and whether or not the customer feels valued, appreciated, and respected” Howard Schultz When Howard Schultz returned as a CEO at Starbucks in 2008, the company was in big trouble. [...]

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You only live once, start where you are, it’s never too late

I’m honored that you stopped to read this, I know you have a busy life. Last summer, a little over 12 months ago, we had just welcomed our second baby daughter to the world So there were nappy changes, nursing and not much sleep It was a magical AND intense time personally Especially since 4 [...]

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Give value to gain trust and be able to influence

Every day I get messages from people that are automated and where they want me to go to their website or sign up for some program. If I have never heard about them and if I don’t trust them, why should I buy into their message? They clearly have missed one of the essentials in [...]

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7 Steps to an outstanding employee engagement strategy

Employee engagement strategy if you want to build a company for the long term. Decide (on your goal). You have to give up short term profits for the benefit of the brand long term Figure out the values and culture (use proper time, might be a year, on the values) Start from day 1, it [...]

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There is no secret strategy to success

Have you ever failed? I have, many times. The first time I applied for a job at Google, I didn’t get it. The second time, years later - the year I DID get a job at Google, 2 million people applied and only 0.08% got a job in the company that is rated as the [...]

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Live the life you dream of

Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure of being immersed in a conversation with my clients while sipping to a nice cup of tea by the sea at Aker Brygge in Oslo. We discussed the importance of daily habits and rituals and how those eventually add up to become the sum of our lives. How [...]

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