The science of happiness

What if you would know how to be and stay happy every day? And what if you could apply this to your company and the people in it? There’s 3 types of happiness: Rock star: chasing the high - this type of happiness is hard to sustain over time Flow: [...]

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7 steps to building a company and brand for the long term, by the Fortune 500 retailer, Zappos.

Employee engagement strategy if you want to build a company for the long term. Decide (on your goal). You have to give up short term profits for the benefit of the brand long term Figure out the values and culture (use proper time, might be a year, on the values) [...]

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Employee engagement ideas from a Fortune 500 retailer  — delivering happiness to employees

Fortune has ranked the retailer Zappos, owned by Amazon as one of the best companies to work for and Zappos has been on the Fortune 500 list for 5 years. “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff like great customer service and building a long term [...]

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We fight inch by inch, that is how winning is done

If you’re a leader You know that every day is death ground 94% of all companies die before their 10th birthday You are a gladiator You know the longer you play this sport The more likely you’re going to “die”   I honor you I see you I value your [...]

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What if you could attract and acquire clients while you are off doing what you love?

Having worked at Microsoft and Google I thought that I knew most of what is to know about digital strategies and how to become a successful and even prefered brand online. In my now 2 years as an entrepreneur I have understood that there are SO many things I don’t [...]

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When is NOW a good time to invest in yourself and your future?

You are not who you were 12 months ago, 3 years ago or 5 years ago, so stop limiting yourself and your results by defining yourself by your past! Along the way of learning how to give massive value to attract and acquire clients, I also learned a lot about myself... [...]

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Learning companies

65% of the jobs Generation Z will perform, do not even exist yet. The number says something about the opportunities, the learning’s, the changes and the massive growth that is ahead of us. At World Economic Forum this year the keyword they all spoke about was flexibility.  People’s flexibility to adapt, [...]

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Stop limiting your own results

Would you like to know how to attract and acquire your ideal clients digitally? Being a former Google and Microsoft employee, I initially thought I knew most things of digital. 12 months ago after running my startup for a year, a big contract got postponed and I found myself basically [...]

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I can help you attract and acquire your ideal clients digitally

This week I presented my journey of “How to attract and convert the ideal clients online” with fellow consultants at and got great feedback. Can highly recommend if you are based in Norway and a speaker! 12 months ago after running my startup for a year, a big [...]

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The standards of the past are not going to be sufficient in the future

We all acknowledge the harsh economic realities we’ve seen and the stress we experience. What is changing is our expectations for how effective we need to be, because we realize that the standards of the past are not going to be sufficient in the future. Young professionals, like Millennials, don’t [...]

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