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What if you could build an income stream that didn’t go away, even if you did?

I had a great conversation with a previous vice president and CFO of one of the “BIG 4” global consultancies this week. We discussed this topic and how great the opportunity is to do that within the company, we both now work with… Ever wonder; is this IT? Is this [...]

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5 steps to innovate any business

What can you do to innovate your business?Get new voices in your company (ps you don’t need to hire them)Ask new questions and get in new conversationsGet new perspectives Get new passions that will naturally give you juice to innovateDo new small experiments in the business, you don’t need to [...]

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Enthusiasm + Engagement = Profits

The philosopher Theodore Zeldin has given the world a challenge: "When will we make the same breakthroughs in the way we relate to each other as we have made in technology”. My vision is that all children growing up today shall move on to workplaces that take good care of them, [...]

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IDEO’s 4 simple rules to create a winning culture

You may have heard about design-thinking? The concept has exploded in recent years and is a popular word to for showing that you can “keep up” with innovation and new ways of working. The term is derived from Herbert Simon’s book “The Sciences of the Artificial” (from 1969) and by Robert [...]

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