Is your work meaningful?
Are you a part of a bigger cause
And do you feel that you’re able to contribute
With all that you have and play on your strengths?

Why not have a job and a workplace
That feels as meaningful to you as being with your loved ones
You spend a big chunk of your life at work
Who said it should be painful, stressful and derived of meaning?

What drives you both at work and at home
Is the fact that you feel that what you do is meaningful
That you’re a part of something bigger than you
And if you don’t feel meaning…

The meaning you seek is within you
If you are in a place where your job doesn’t feel good
Or you feel that something is missing
Or you work insanely hard but you don’t feel you get rewarded for it
Or you want to try something new, a new direction
Then private coaching or coaching for business
may be just what you are looking for
A focus on YOU and a lot of

Insights …
Breakthroughs …
Fun, boldness and …
Craziness …
Guaranteed …

The BIG question is – are you ready and committed
To spend 2-4 hours every month
To transform and change
What you no longer tolerate in your life?

If you have been procrastinating
Changing what you’re not happy with
And you wanted a break through in what matters to YOU
This message is for you
Let me know if you want a complimentary 30 min coaching session
By sending me a message!