Last Thursday night before we had dinner with a group of CEO’s and entrepreneurs, I got the chance to ask Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, a $200 M media company several questions.

One of them was how to make company culture interesting to CEO’s and C-Suite in general. The benefits are obvious as Gary also pointed out: Improved retention rates by 50%, less sick leave, improved efficiency and productivity by up to 60%, improved profit margins and the list goes on.

Gary got very excited about the topic saying that he is very passionate about his company culture and about engaging with his people. So much so that he has made his Chief of Staff a Chief Heart Officer and he says it is the second most important position in his company and the position is more important than his CFO.

VaynerMedia’s CHO, Claude Silver is according to Gary, the link between the brain and the heart in the company and when she left the company he went on a campaign to get her back, that is how important she is. Claude was recently interviewed by Forbes and you can read the interview about how she puts people first and mentors over 750 people here.

What was Gary’s advice on making company culture exciting for you as CEO or C-Suite? Focus on what having a great company culture means for your company’s numbers and bottom line. Speak the language of a CFO.

What is Gary’s advice on engaging employees?

Spend time with your key employees and take the time to meet as many as possible. Know what is important to them. Be kind.

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