If you’re a leader

You know that every day is death ground

94% of all companies die before their 10th birthday

You are a gladiator

You know the longer you play this sport

The more likely you’re going to “die”


I honor you

I see you

I value your strength, passion and sheer dedication

Your will power

To making this world a better place

This is for you my friend


Inch by inch

Play by play

Till we’re done


You can be in hell right now

You can stay here



You can fight your way back into the light

You can climb out of hell

One inch at a time


Life is a game of inches

The margin for error is so small

You know that


The inches we need as entrepreneurs are everywhere

Every minute every second every day


We fight for that inch

On this team we claw with our fingernails for that inch

When we add up all those inches, that is going to make the difference

Between winning and losing


I honor you

I see you

I support you

I am willing to fight and die for that inch with you

Let’s go that inch

That’s what living and winning is about

(Inspired by Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday)


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