Every day I get messages from people that are automated and where they want me to go to their website or sign up for some program.

If I have never heard about them and if I don’t trust them, why should I buy into their message?

They clearly have missed one of the essentials in business.

Which is to ask the client what they want, do research on what is important for them, give a lot of value away for free and then after doing all that, they can give a tailormade offer if it is in alignment with the client and what they want.

I just got off a call with someone who’s relation I value dearly.

We have interesting conversations and pitch and catch on employee engagement and change management areas.

Someone I trust and value and that I look forward to bringing value to when it comes to being a contributor in her book.

See, it’s easy, you have to break through the clutter and all the noise, get your clients attention, gain their trust and keep it and overdeliver. Simple really.

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Tonje Elisabeth is the founder of Growthitude AS and co-founder of HeartsInGrowth AS and has worked as an Executive and Industry Manager in companies like Microsoft and Google with clients from all types of industries.

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