If you are innovating and if you know your clients well, do you think you could find other ways you can meet your clients needs then the products and services you offer today? Yes or yes? P.S. Even if your clients only buy once every 4 years, you can look at how you can get referrals from them that will add up to the growth numbers we go through below.

This 7 week program is for you who want to make changes both in your life and in your business. 


  • The program is for you if you’re ready to build (or rebuild your business) around your passion and fully embrace digital platforms to run your business.

  • This program is for you if you’re are tired of working and working and not getting any results and who want to use the scalability and ease of utilising online tools to set yourself up to win.

Week 1: What do you want to do based on your talent and passion. Starting to create your business road map / business plan.  

Week 2: Define your ideal clients, their challenges and build your core story.  

Week 3: Design your digital product spectrum and create content based on your clients, their challenges and what you want to do / your talent & your passion.  

Week 4: Getting you and your services digitally and global, how you can use digital tools to build your audience and your tribe.  

Week 5: How to build sales funnels, automate processes and digitize your business.  

Week 6: Build your team for free or at a low cost + multiple income streams; investments & funding your journey. Finishing your 1 page business road map / business plan.  

Week 7: What will it take for you to create the life you want and to grow your business?


> How to write and publish a book that is a #1 bestseller on Amazon  

> We’ll have 3 special guests in the program that will help you propel your business  

> You’ll have lifetime access to the recorded program!  

> 3 x 30 minutes VIP coaching calls 1-on-1 with me during the program to help you get results  


This is a series of virtual workshops delivered to you on your computer and via Skype for the coaching calls.


Business roadmap and business strategy, sales and marketing strategy, tools for innovation, sales-funnels, 1-1 coaching, recordings for life.

This program has an estimated value of $1697 and my offer to you is: $897 before December 31st

What my clients are saying?

“Tonje has immense business experiences that she generously gives away by sharing her valuable insight with you. She has inside knowledge of what is required in the workforce as a leader in the digital era we live in. I find it extremely beneficial to discuss career related challenges with Tonje. Everything she produces is based on well-proven research and methodologies. Tonje is a lighthearted and warm person whom I always love to communicate with. Tonje gives me challenges and assignments that I learn a lot from and I safely recommend her .”

Hilde Weiby, Customer Care Manager

“I’ve been sparring with Tonje on both career-related- and personal development topics and her advice and inherent motivational nature helped me make important choices and get confidence in getting where I want to. Tonje has been working to map- and understand the framework around motivation, change and career/life management. She is great at passing on a condensed and understandable version of this to let people take advantage of her knowledge. She is a warm, energetic and motivational person to work with and I’d warmly recommend her.”  

This program has an estimated value of $1697 and my offer to you is: $897 before November 30th

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