PURPOSE The “GROW YOUR BUSINESS BASED ON YOUR STRENGTHS” workshop provides you with a platform to define the essence that differentiates you and your business in the market. You will also learn how to use effective communications in bringing this essence forward to clients. You will leave the workshop with new ideas on services that you will offer to potential or existing clients and with practical tools that will help you develop new business in the future.


  • Company owners, C-Suite executives (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc)
  • Directors and Department Managers
  • Professionals, Consultants and Advisors.

APPROACH There will be theory and models to learn, however, the emphasis is on experiential learning using current customer case studies. We use emotive learning in a playful setting.

TAKE AWAYS My Colour Palette™; My Service Offerings; Value Proposition Canvas™ and Trusted Advisor Compass™ (“TAC”)

POSSIBLE REINFORCEMENT ACTIONS 1-to-1 Coaching sessions to review TAC™. Customer-driven Sales Innovation Workshop. Insights Discovery® Workshop.


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