Staying on top of things has never been more challenging. Accelerated digitalisation and changes in customer behaviour demands more from leaders and employees. This revolution we are experiencing, with increasing amounts of data available for everyone to take advantage of and the changes in consumer behaviour, creates a constantly changing and evolving business landscape.

These are challenges that creates a demand of evolvement of us all, constant and never-ending improvement. To be able to keep valuable employees, to uphold productivity through times of change and to increase growth and profits.

All leaders, even the great ones, are people first, leader second. Meaning when changes happen, you are a person reacting to the change before you act as a leader. How can you keep your personal motivation on a high level through perpetual changes? I’ll be sharing a story with you in regards to helping yourself stay motivated enough to lead and inspire others.

Motivation is like a muscle that needs to be trained for it to be strong. It’s like training your muscles in the gym, training yourself on how to visualise success, training yourself to be certain that you will achieve your goals. Remaining motivated is something that you need to work on. You have to know what drives you. You have to know your WHY.

Why reach your goals?

What will that mean?

Create the list or picture of your whys and have a look at it every day. It will keep you focused.

I’ll give you a real life example. At one point, I was not happy with my job when living in Paris. I had to come up with a strategy to turn my situation around by not focusing on what was, but the kind of work I wanted to perform. I had to visualise that I had already gotten what I wanted. It was not about resisting what was; it was about accepting it and knowing I could change it. Where focus goes, energy flows.

How could I get time to change things around and get the job I dreamed about, when I was working from 8 am until 8 pm rarely having breaks, let alone the time to conduct interviews? I remember standing in the shower in the mornings and chanting “I do not believe in miracles, I depend on them”. This because I didn’t see how I could make it happen, I only knew I had the why and that sentence gave me comfort enough to stay calm and come up with a plan on how to change things around.

I conducted phone interviews in my one-hour lunch break, outside, in the blistering cold January, holding the phone until I couldn’t feel or move my fingers. Then I had the second interview of the day after work, at 5pm, outside, somewhere nearby the metro station. I had nowhere else to go. It was not an option to do it inside the office building due to no meeting rooms and I could not take time off to go to the interviews because of the strict work hours.

I stayed motivated through the challenges, focusing solely on what I wanted, not what I had. Then when I had taken a day off, to go to Dublin for a last interview for one of the jobs, I got a call from Geneva that I had gotten the other job I had applied for and for double the salary of what I had at the moment! I wanted to scream and shout of joy while sitting on the plane, however I though that my fellow passengers would not approve so I didn’t ? Still I conducted the interview in Dublin because I wanted to know I made the right choice this time.

It is small but crucial victories like these I think of when propelling myself towards reaching my future goals.

Use your victories, however small, to affirm and confirm that you can make your bigger dreams come true. It is all about taking one small step after the other, many small steps later, you find yourself in a completely different place and closer to reaching your bigger goals.

My example show you that motivation are not given to you, you have to practice your motivational muscle every day, shifting your thoughts and your focus towards where your dreams are. You may do this through getting in motion, filling your life with activities that will give you the energy and focus to find out your why, what drives and motivates you.

Keep dreaming and hustling and you will succeed!