When I started out as an entrepreneur knowing nothing about entrepreneurship 12 months ago, I thought that if I hadn’t “made it” within 12 months that it wouldn’t happen, ever.

Later, I have realised that you will succeed if you don’t give up and that you need to have patience. This is about legacy and creating value every day. If you give value and create results the results you want will come.
As an entrepreneur it is all about having patience, having great mentors who can help you with a strategy and a roadmap and to daily put in the hours of work that is needed.

Gary Vaynerchuk said in a business seminar called Business Mastery hosted by Tony Robbins already back in 2008 that it is a dirty word “no one” is speaking about and that word is WORK.

Show me anyone who has ever succeeded big in their field without putting in hours of hard work.

It’s about your daily rituals. It’s about your daily habits and it’s about having the right mentors.

What if I told you that you could have everything the way you wanted and then some and without any financial risk, money was not an issue.

Does it sound surreal? What if it was true?

Unfortunately only half of that statement is true.

Fortunately you CAN have it ALL, just the way YOU want it.

I want you to contemplate what you would have done the next 10 years, even if you didn’t get a dime from it.

Because in pursuing the life you want, there will be risks involved and in the beginning most likely financial sacrifices to make.

You will have to be creative and find different ways of creating income streams until you have your life the way you want it.

You will have to invest in yourself and in your own growth.

It will most likely mean that you have to make a choice between funding a day off or a trip for pleasure and funding your growth. It will also mean that you will turn down opportunities because it is not the path you want to go. It will probably mean you swap a night off with friends or your loved one and use the night to feed your mind and investing in yourself and in your education.

It will most likely mean that for a period of time (and longer than you originally thought) you will not be buying fancy clothes or material things because you would rather invest in your personal growth for the benefit of your future.

I have invested thousands of dollars in mentors that can accelerate my path to the life I want. I have done this because I want to not have to do all the mistakes in the book, which I will and you will, if we don’t learn from the best.

Even the best golfer in the world, even the best mentor, have a mentor and coach that can tell them what they don’t see. Do you?

And how willing are you to invest in you and your growth? What is living the life of your dreams worth to you?

I’m only asking because I’d like to help you. This is not an automated email, I write each post by hand from the heart. Are you interested in exploring this further? Then book a free discovery call with me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

About the writer:

Tonje Elisabeth is the founder of Growthitude AS and co-founder of HeartsInGrowth AS and has worked as an Executive and Industry Manager in companies like Microsoft and Google with clients from all types of industries.

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