The decisions you, as a leader make, based on how you see the world and how the values and rules you have, will either limit or grow your business.

As an leader you have to have the following qualities

– Thick skin and tenacity (the quality of or of being able to keep going even if there is a lot of obstacles in your way and persistence to continue even when you fail)
– Energy – you will need a lot of it to keep at a speed where others cannot catch you
– Self-motivation. As an entrepreneur everyday is a battlefield, you have to be able to motivate yourself to keep going

If you can check off on all of the above, let’s get to business.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly, due to digitization, Massive Internet of Things (MIoT), automatisation of work processes and the 4th Industrial Revolution. If you are not online with your products and services today, or in the next couple of years, you will most likely be bypassed by competitors not even in your industry. See Airbnb vs hotels, Facebook vs media houses, Uber vs established taxi industry – and the list goes on. As time is your most valuable asset as a leader, let’s dive right into how to attract and convert your clients online.

How to take your already existing business online:

– Commit to your company showing up every day. The ones who truly are shaking and breaking records online are the ones who are willing to do deliver value online every day
– Design your digital product spectrum and create content based on your clients, their challenges and what you want to do / your talent & your passion
– Build your very first sales funnel to start digitizing your business –

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