Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure of being immersed in a conversation with my clients while sipping to a nice cup of tea by the sea at Aker Brygge in Oslo.

We discussed the importance of daily habits and rituals and how those eventually add up to become the sum of our lives.

How it’s important to re-think and unlearn a lot of habits to make room for rituals that gives energy and enables you to live a passionate life, be it in your private life or at work as a leader or employee.
And how important it is to take responsibility for your behaviour and how you affect others, constantly, with what you say and do.

Feeling blessed to have such a great conversation with these amazing souls and to be able to contribute in a meaningful powerful way.

This spring has been a very hectic beautiful season. We’re now working with clients both in Norway and England, co-creating with other consultants, co-writing 2 books for the business market, speaking in various places about how to build an outstanding work culture, changing lives through coaching, creating a series of webinars and buying our dream house.

I cannot wait for this summer and the webinars we’ll deliver that will transform lives and businesses.

I wish you all a wonderful mid summer weekend, enjoy every moment of it with people you love spending time with.

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