George Ross was formerly known as the right hand man of Donald Trump, he is an bestselling author of 2 books, The Apprentice Judge and a JTFoxx coach. And he is so much more than his merits.

George is an amazing man. I had a profound respect for him before this interview, however it has grown even more from listening to him speaking in Orlando in November 2015 and also speaking to him in person.

Needless to say, as much respect as I have for this humble, sympathetic, highly successful and extremely sharp man, I was very nervous when I got the chance to sit down with him and discuss change and trusted advisors.

However one of the first things he told me was; “first, you need to relax”. I was really surprised to experience just how friendly and approachable George is and deeply grateful for his comment that made the short and wonderful interview so much more enjoyable for me.

He graciously accepted that I shot a video when asking him what it takes to become a top consultant and a trusted advisor and how he chooses his advisors in business.

He answers that he’d choose someone who knows the business, knows the problem and how best to solve it. He’d choose someone who understands human nature and understand the resistance of employees to change. An advisor who can instill with confidence, that this is the right road to take because everything has to change in order to make it work.

When I ask how he chooses his own advisors, he jokingly says that he’s more into coupons than choosing business advisors at this stage due to his age. Then he says that he’d choose an advisor who knew his business and what he was trying to do, someone who understands what he was trying to accomplish. A person who has knowledge of that industry, whatever industry that might be and who had the expertise to advise him on what to do.

So get an expert on whatever it is that you’re looking for (..) and listen to their advice. Also someone who knows people and how they work.

I hope you enjoy the interview and his knowledge shared!