What you need to know about digitisation and automatisation of work processes in your company

22nd June 2017

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I had a great discussion with a leading company within their industry about digitisation this week. They said there were so many of their clients who wanted more insights into digitisation and there were so many who claimed to be experts and who didn’t really have the background.

I have worked in companies such as Microsoft and Google and from my experience there is a 3 step process that will set you up for success when you are about to embark on the journey of digitisation and automatisation:

  1. Find a company or a consultant who are already successful in the area. Book a meeting with them, interview them or do a podcast with them, pick their brain and find out what they did that made them successful
  2. Either outsource or get someone in-house who can be your advisor on the process of how-to-do-it and someone who can navigate the ship through the ocean of solutions out there
  3. The important thing is not to choose the perfect solution. The important thing is to get started TODAY. Think about when you first start doing workouts or the first time you start doing anything. What you don’t need is a complex grand plan that will intimidate you and hinder you from getting started. What you do need is someone who stands behind you and screams “RUN”. Use a week of planning with the best resources you have, then start executing immediately the following week. Launch and learn, it is a millions times better than strategizing, not executing and failing to stay current and competitive because you were afraid to make the wrong decision.

If you want to have a discovery call to find out what you should do where you are today, then click on this link and book your complimentary now.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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