If you’re an avid traveller you might have used their services lately. Regarded as a disruptive company challenging the well-established global and local hotel chains, Airbnb is currently valued at 25.5 billion $USD.

They have added fuel to the debate about HR and whether HR should be a thing of the past and not the future. Knowing that only 8% of companies globally believe their performance management process is worth the time they use in it, it might be worth your time as a leader to have a look at what a global, innovative and successful company is doing to take care of it’s people.

In Airbnb the HR function has become the Employee Experience function. The Employee Experience function is a combination of specializations such as compensation & benefits, learning & organizational development, facilities-, safety & security, and the food program.

Mark Levy (Global Head Of Employee Experience) said in a Forbes interview, “At Airbnb we are focused on bringing to life our mission of creating a world where you can belong anywhere, by creating memorable workplace experiences which span all aspects of how we relate to employees, including how we recruit them, develop them, the work environment we create with them, the type of volunteer experiences we offer them, and the food we share together.”

The culture Airbnb has managed to create is underpinned by not only its commitment to its mission and values, but also to its unrelenting belief in honest, two-way communication. A rule they have is that nobody should hear something from a source externally before they have been informed about it internally.

Airbnb create belonging by enabling their people to form a group that are enabled and empowered to stay together as they progress through their careers within the company. How they do it is for instance by scheduling lunches and meetings to help people to understand their colleagues. Also, new hires are asked to share fun facts about themselves and why they have chosen to work for the company, and at the same time sharing information of who they are.

Airbnb also focuses on healthy food served in laid-back settings as well as disrupting the work-space where employees sit together and not in a rigid fashion. By fostering employee engagement in every aspect of the business environment, Airbnb unlocks the intrapreneurial spirit in its human capital.