Yesterday I had a meeting with a leader in HR Norway where we spoke about the changes that are coming for all of us. You may like it or not, automation and digitalisation is here to stay. And like the person said in our podcast, that I will be sharing with you soon, if you don’t digitize, the companies that does, will do better than you.

In an era where we are now seeing exponential growth and not linear growth and where things go faster and faster, how flexible you are and how fast you are able to change what is not working is crucial for your lasting success. This is true for businesses and for professionals and their success in the businesses they work for.

What has gotten us where we are today, will not bring us to success moving forward. Everything is evolving at lightning speed and some of the changes are hard to grasp for us as human beings since our brain is wired to think linearly and to look for dangers so you can survive and not necessarily thrive.

How can you speed things and processes up?

Emotional intelligence, ability to create strong lasting relations with people around you that makes them want to relate to you is key. Being both resilient, flexible and having self awareness about what you are good at and how you can play on your strengths will give you a strong foundation to tackle the challenges and make the most out of the opportunities coming your way. And remember, everyone fails, it’s how you take charge and lead through the failures that matter.

On Tuesday the 10th of October we will have a webinar about the speed of trust and how to speed processes up, if you want to join, then let us know by emailing

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