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“Tonje Aarøe hadde innlegg i et av våre nettverksmøter. Hun ga et utrolig godt og enkelt forståelig innlegg med masse praktiske tips for håndtering av Facebook, Instagram og andre digitale plattformer. Samt mye annet til forenkling av digitalisering. Meget informativt og  til å ta med hjem og ta i bruk.”

Anja Hagen Kleivan, HTH Kjøkkenforum, Alnabru

“Tonje has immense life and business experience that she generously gives away by sharing her valuable insight with you. She has inside knowledge of what is required in the workforce as a leader in the digital era we live in. I find it extremely beneficial to discuss career related challenges with Tonje. Everything she produces is based on well-proven research and methodologies. Tonje is a lighthearted and warm person whom I always love to communicate with. Tonje gives me challenges and assignments that I learn a lot from and ?I safely recommend her.”

Hilde Weiby, Customer Care Manager

“Tonje recently delivered a guest lecture on Communication and Innovation for my course on Organizational Communication and Leadership. Using her extensive experiences at the Google and Microsoft, she provided engaging presentations with full of examples of why and how communication is the heart of innovation. My students found the talk very insightful.”

Professor Sut I Wong, BI Business School, Norway

“Tonje recently delivered an engaging talk to the MBA students on diversity. She was able to share her experience of diversity in companies especially in Norway, which was enlightening. Feedback from the students about the discussion, which Tonje facilitated, was very positive – many felt that it challenged their thinking about diversity issues in different cultures.”

Julie Hodges, Associate Professor And Director MBA Programs, Durham University Business School, UK

“Vi opplevde at Tonje leverte godt på oppdraget. Hun var genuint opptatt av at hver enkelt lærer skulle lykkes, og viste stort personlig engasjement for oppgaven. Det er alltid en utfordring å gi dataopplæring til ansatte med ulike forkunnskaper, og Tonje balanserte opplæringen på en svært god måte slik at alle fikk godt utbytte av kurset. Vi kan gi våre beste anbefalinger av Growthitude v/Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe!”

Thomas M. Johanson, Daglig Leder Humanistskolen

“I’ve been sparring with Tonje on both career-related- and personal development topics and her advice and inherent motivational nature helped me make important choices and get confidence in getting where I want to. Tonje has been working to map- and understand the framework around motivation, change and career/life management. She is great at passing on a condensed and understandable version of this to let people take advantage of her knowledge. She is a warm, energetic and motivational person to work with and I’d warmly recommend her.”

Harald Jacob Skaarn, Marketing Manager

“Undertegnede kan på det varmeste anbefale Tonje E Aarøe som veileder innenfor opplæring av Google Chrome. Hun utøver en meget god forklaring når hun veileder innenfor dette programmet. I tillegg har hun et varmt og vinnende vesen som utstråler og gir meg opplevelse av mestring. Takk for god veiledning og din tid til meg.”

Linda Martinsen, lærer og pedagog Humanistskolen i Oslo.

“There is a HUGE need for what you provide! I felt safe and appreciated while sharing with you (and the group). That is no small thing! I could never overstate the impact on my life of those five days. Prior to that experience I had completely withdrawn… The ability to release and re-engage in your group was incredibly therapeutic and healing for my soul.Tidal waves of love and blessing on you Tonje! Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement to me! It means so much to me!Absolutely so love your insight and perspective Tonje! Thank you so much for the depth of caring that is so apparent in your words! You have of gift of  speaking directly to my heart. Not sugar coating the truth and discerning where value lies. Even inside of difficult situations like mine. I am and always will be so grateful to you and for you! I have found immense value in this difficult circumstance. And I am so grateful for your guidance and counsel through these rough waters. I’ve learned so much. This situation actually turned out to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Huge gratitude and much love to you.”

Stephen Carson

“Tonje, thank you. Today I quit the job. It was hard. Very. Quite a few years in one company, friends, nice atmosphere. All good but …. lacking perspective. Suddenly, I found myself at a wall. Aware that I could not achieve more in the company: no promotion, no raise, no professional development; I found a new job. Since March I start in a new place, with new people and prospects. Partly, it’s your merit. Your words gave me courage, because is worth to fight for ourselves. Thank you for all my heart.”

Monica Alexandra Bednarska

“A key outcome of the change management awareness training held for the Google sales and marketing team in Oslo was enabling the teams to become even better change consultants for their clients.

The training delivered unique tools, proven methodology and valuable insights we could use immediately following the training. I can recommend this training to any company that is going through changes or needs to improve their results.”

Jan Grønbech, CEO of Google Norway


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