The quiet revolution

We’ve all become jaded by the
Sheer amount of transformation
“Disrupt or be disrupted”
We’ve all heard that about a million times

What does it really mean and
How can you create the
Environment needed for
People to feel excited enough
To inspire themselves into
Embracing transformation

You want to be passionate
About your job and your company.
And part of the answer lies in understanding that
We are all unique,
and a “one-size-fits-all” transformation
Approach will most likely fail

There is an ever-greater gap
Forming in the economic and demographics
Landscapes in which organizations
Operate today.

Almost 1 of each 2 people at work today
Are between 18 and 35 and belong to the
Millennial or Generation Z generations.

They ask for meaning and companies
That does good for society.
Millennials demand flexibility and agility
And products and services they can relate to
They want self-regulation and purpose, community
Sharing and co-creation

But aren’t these things we all want in the workplace?
This quiet revolution
Isn’t it what we all want in our workplace?
To have a sense of meaning, belonging, being a part
Of a greater cause and making a difference – creating
A better world?

If you manage to create this for your team
You have succeeded as a leader
And you’ll see the results
In soaring sales and profits

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