What if you would know how to be and stay happy every day?

And what if you could apply this to your company and the people in it?

There’s 3 types of happiness:

Rock star: chasing the high – this type of happiness is hard to sustain over time

Flow: engagement – time flies, lasts longer than the Rock Star happiness

Meaning and highest form of purpose: this is the most lasting form of happiness and should be the kind of happiness you pursue.

There is actually a science behind happiness and here is a few frameworks:

  • Perceived Control
    • To give you an example of giving your employees perceived control: At Zappos they have 15-20 different skill sets you can learn at the call center and as a result get a raise in your salary. The feeling of control of your own raise and professional development results in happier employees.
  • Perceived Progress
    • Instead of employees having to work 18 months in a position to move onto the next position, break it up in 6 month chunks with assistant to senior in the job, like they do at Zappos. The % of people feeling progress and being happy will increase.
  • Connectedness
    • Encourage people to connect in their spare time. The results will be that they are happier and more efficient when they’re in the office.
  • Vision / meaning – being part of something bigger than yourself makes you happy

Recommended books on the subject

Peak by Chip Conley

Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright

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