Have you ever failed?

I have, many times.

The first time I applied for a job at Google, I didn’t get it. The second time, years later – the year I DID get a job at Google, 2 million people applied and only 0.08% got a job in the company that is rated as the best company to work for in the world….


Would you apply knowing the chance of getting the job? Knowing you had to battle 2 million others for it?


I once thought I couldn’t or wouldn’t have children. At the age of 39 I became pregnant and today I am a mother of 2 healthy and wonderful girls.

I started writing a book and never seemed to get to the finish line..

Then I learned how to get it published and it became a bestseller within 24 hours in USA, Canada and Australia.

The first year of running my business, I sucked at it, focusing too much time on landing one big client and my company literally was bankrupt.

This second year, even after having welcomed a second baby daughter to the world,  I have successfully onboarded clients in different countries, both working with bigger corporations in helping them create an extraordinary work culture and helping private coaching clients create the life they want.

From almost bankrupt

To having clients

In several countries, both corporate and private


Would you start a company knowing that 95% of them fail within a couple of years. Knowing that the longer you stay in business, the more likely your business is to die?

Entrepreneurship is a sport for gladiators and not for the faint hearted.

I learned how to reach my goals through modeling: finding someone who is already successful in the area you want to be successful in and doing what they do.


Yesterday evening I had the great pleasure of being immersed in a conversation with my clients while sipping to a nice cup of tea by the sea at Aker Brygge in Oslo.

We discussed the importance of daily habits and rituals and how those eventually add up to become the sum of our lives.

How it’s important to re-think and unlearn a lot of habits to make room for rituals that gives energy and enables you to live a passionate life, be it in your private life or at work as a leader or employee.

And how important it is to take responsibility for your behaviour and how you affect others, constantly, with what you say and do.

Feeling blessed to have such a great conversation with these amazing souls and to be able to contribute in a meaningful powerful way.


Are you motivated in what you do?

What’s getting you up in the morning, what’s driving you?

How is your work-life balance? Is there a work-life balance?

How much do you feel in control of your work environment – or does it control you?


There is no secret strategy to success.

You need to do the work. Both internally and in external actions.

On a daily basis and over time, you will create the life you dream of.

My mission is to serve you and give you practical tools you can use every day to create the life you want to live.


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What others say about working with me:

“I’ve been sparring with Tonje on both career-related- and personal development topics and her advice and inherent motivational nature helped me make important choices and get confidence in getting where I want to. Tonje has been working to map- and understand the framework around motivation, change and career/life management. She is great at passing on a condensed and understandable version of this to let people take advantage of her knowledge. She is a warm, energetic and motivational person to work with and I’d warmly recommend her.”

Harald Jacob Skaarn

“Tidal waves of love and blessing on you Tonje! Absolutely so love your insight and perspective. Thank you so much for the depth of caring that is so apparent in your words. I have found immense value in this difficult circumstance. And I am so grateful for your guidance and counsel through

these rough waters.”

Stephen Carson

More about me:

I’m an entrepreneur, partner and mother of 2 beautiful girls.

I have worked as an Executive and Industry Manager in companies like Microsoft and Google with clients from all types of industries.

I am a bestselling author and passionate about digital business transformation, change leadership, automation of work processes and engaging people through change.

I have worked in different countries and cultures for several years; for Orbitz Worldwide in Paris, France and Elizabeth Arden in Geneva, Switzerland.

Masters of Marketing Management from BI, Oslo, I am a Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner by Prosci, Certified NLP Practitioner by The Change Corporation and also a graduate of Mastery University by Tony Robbins .