All industries are being disrupted by the development of technology and automatisation of work tasks. Hence, to stay competitive and attract and retain clients it is essential to continuously develop your skills as a professional, and our workshops can help you with it.

PURPOSE The “CUSTOMER AND SALES EXCELLENCE” workshop provides you with the knowledge of the new ways in which your clients are making service-buying decisions. In addition, it gives you the communication tools you need to use this knowledge to increase business with them. Lastly, it will offer you practical tools to help you become more effective at developing new business and increasing your clients’ satisfaction levels.


  • Company owners
  • Directors and Department Managers
  • Independent Professionals
  • Corporate Professional
  • Consultants and Advisors.

TAKE AWAYS My Colour Palette™; My Service Offerings; Value Proposition Canvas™ and Trusted Advisor Compass™ (“TAC”).

POSSIBLE REINFORCEMENT ACTIONS 1-to-1 Coaching sessions to review the CJC & TAC™. Trusted Advisor Workshop. Insights Discovery® Workshop

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