We are just out of a meeting with what I would call the ideal client.

And it all started with a cold call.

What is the ideal client? A leader who is humble, emotional intelligent and who is honest on

What works and what doesn’t in their company and who takes full responsibility of how they do

When it comes to work culture and performance.

We are measuring their work culture and performance in all countries they are established

And we truly enjoy every meeting we have with them.

And it all started with a cold call.

A process that has taken 10 months from the start to where we are now

So what is my advice to you as a leader looking for ways to grow your business:

Stay true to your strategy

Have patience and resilience to go through the processes with the long term contracts while

Also making sure you secure the shorter deals

You could be winning and feeling like you’re losing, so celebrate the milestones along the way

Celebrate the small victories and every meeting and phone call

P.S We are doing a virtual workshop next Thursday on work culture

If you want to secure your place in this free event where we share best practices

Then you can register here: https://events.genndi.com/register/169105139238466…

Best of luck and I look forward to having you in our webinar!