24th of December – Delivering Successful Change

24th of December – Delivering Successful Change

Stage 1 begins when a change is first introduced, where people’s initial reaction may be shock or denial. This manifests by blaming others as they react to the challenge of the status quo.

People then move to Stage 2 of the Change Curve: they become critical of themselves.

For as long as people resist the change and remain at Stages 1 and 2 of the Change Curve, the change will be unsuccessful, at least for the people who react in this way. 

Stage 3 is where confusion and doubt set it, but it is a good sign as people are beginning to move on. This manifests in various ways but people will show signs of doubt and confusion. Signs of acceptance will, however, shine through.

At Stage 4 of the Change Curve – Acceptance Rationalisation – people stop focusing on what they have lost. 

By Stage 5, Solutions and Problem Solving, people not only accept the changes but also start to embrace them. 

We then reach Stage 6. The change is now starting to become ‘normal’ or the beginnings of routine and status quo.