Take our free transformation test

Take our free transformation test


    Transformation Test - Growthitude
    Please, for each question indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statement. 1 being totally disagree and 6 being totally agree.

    All questions are mendatory.

    1. I’m very confident in the company’s future

    2: I feel my work directly contributes to the company’s vision

    3: My manager operates with flexibility and empathy

    4: My manager is conscious about the effect his/her behavior may have on others

    5: The transparent communication in this company makes me feel part of something bigger

    6: Our systems and tools really support an open culture of sharing

    7: I’m encouraged to create results by working collaboratively across departments and functions

    8: I’m part of a team that is constantly developing and growing

    9: I thrive at work

    10: I often fear not being ‘good enough’ at work

    11: My company has a clear connection between strategy and brand promise

    12: My company currently promise to create a specific change in our customers life

    13: We enable our customers to fulfill their personal potential

    14: We co-create our products and services with our customers

    15: We co-create campaign activities with our target groups

    16. We operate in a sustainable way throughout our value chain

    17: We are working actively with UNs Sustainable Development Goals as part of our brand internally or externally

    18: We play a meaningful role in our customers lives