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In a transformation journey you need all the skills you can think of. We have some of it and what we are missing to make your journey complete we have in our global network that consist all generations, experiences and knowledge.


Change Agent

Ex-Googler speaking on leading digital transformation and culture and behavior change in the workplace. She is focused on engaging and supporting people to do their best work and deliver on their organisations’ purpose. She spent 20 years in advisory for companies including Microsoft and most recently Google, working with clients across many sectors. Her deep hands-on skills in change leadership and business transformation have been built and honed at Orbitz Worldwide in Paris and Elizabeth Arden in Geneva. Tonje Elisabeth help organisations engage their teams and people successfully and in that help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve quality and profitability through creating an engaging work culture. She has developed Empulse together with Professor Sut I Wong at BI, a staff engagement survey that helps organisations take the pulse on how much their employees thrive. She is a keynote speaker on staff engagement and culture change and published author.


Change Agent

Svein Erik is a holistic and customer centric leader with over 3 decades of experience as a management consultant and leader within branding, business development, project management, digitization and sustainability. In addition to being an entrepreneur for ten years he has experience from several industries like retail & horeca (PepsiCo), Internet and e-commerce, media and advertising, banking and insurance (Bank of Åland and Alandia Insurance). Svein Erik is a Certified Change Leader for UN SDG’s. He dives into challenges with his heart, energy and curiosity with the result of creating engagement, drive and focus towards the goal. He loves to share and connect creative people to find new purpose driven sustainable solutions by asking WHAT, HOW, WHO and WHEN. Presented with a mission impossible is the best challenge he know.

Erik Larsson

Change Agent

Erik is a creative director with long experience of working with brand building, communication projects and building long-term sustainable communication platforms. For the past 15 years, Erik has been an active partner in a advertising and branding agency. Long ago Erik worked at large international agencies with some of Sweden's and the Nordic region's largest brands. He believe in strong, relevant ideas that engage and create results. He is used to lead the creative work at a modern agency with everything it entails, from the big overall issues such as designing strong communication concepts to producing ads, packaging, websites, etc.

Clément Goguey

Clément Goguey

Junior Change Agent

Clément is a young digital specialist from France. Graduated with a master's degree in information and communication sciences, he works today with many companies. He is specialized in the implementation of digital and communication strategies. During his studies, he had the opportunity to work with many companies in France and abroad. Passionate about new technologies, he is involved in all projects in which he can participate. Very sporty, he also makes his skills available on a voluntary basis in the many sports clubs where he has played.

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