We co-create

We Co-create with you:

We work with you to co-create a brand platform for your organisation to stand firmly on and we help you go through a sustainable culture change so that you and your people live the brand you are communicating. 

In the change process we’ll help you shape a clear purpose and direction linked to the strategic business decisions. We will work with you to formulate your organisation’s vision and mission. This work is the basis of how your organisation operates and we engage your people to achieve the results you want.

Your strong brand with a clear direction and a mutual understanding of the organisation’s culture is what will empower the employees and inspire the market. Your  communication will become effective, relevant and help you make a difference and create growth and continuous improvement for your organization!

Your transformation team

An approach we like to use

One size does not fit all. Like a carpenter we help you uncover your organisation’s issues, finding the gap between where you are and where you want to be, using and implementing the best toolkit for your organisation’s transformation journey. The change process and how we help you co-create is adapted to your need, an inspirational keynote, a workshop, a team leader or change management program, executive coaching – as long as you are prepared to transform.

Where are your organisation in its life cycle?

Phase 1

You have just started and need to grow

Phase 2

You are successful and growing “too fast”

Phase 3

You are doing great and you need to keep your competitive edge

Your transformation roadmap – built to adapt vs built to last:

Growthitude’s 3 step™ roadmap SAT equips you to evolve successfully through rapid change. SAT ™ is a roadmap to help your organisation quickly adapt to the situation, adopt new ways of working and abandon what no longer is effective or productive in giving results for your clients and your renewed and resilient organisation.




Challenges will appear that fundamentally undermine established business models. History shows us again and again that change is constant.

In the Status Quo phase we help you uncover what you need to know to not only survive as an organisation but thrive, we help you and your leadership group refocus, concentrating on dealing with the organisational, commercial and human demands of change. We strengthen the pathways to transparent and honest communication in the organisation




In the Adapt phase we look at the bridge you as an organisation need to cross to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We co-create a project plan and roadmap for your organisation to improve what you do for your customers / clients, to help your people get through the change curve and to help your organisation evolve.




In the Transformation phase we help leadership innovate with customers in mind, refine the brand, shape the culture and identify skills and behaviours to keep the organisation ahead. Development means further developing competencies in people, helping engage them in the purpose of the organisation and working smarter. We help you take the reshaped business live, helping your leadership team lead your transformation and build high performing teams